References - Completed Projects

Our experts have been working as planning specialists of power plant and processing technology in large and small projects for more than two decades. Thus, we are firmly established as a contact partner in matters of goal-oriented and strategic concepts for power plants.

Since its foundation in 1988, enco Energie- und Verfahrens-Consult GmbH has completed around 1.700 projects, ranging from components of safety technology to subprojects in the area of power plant and processing technology as well as the general planning of plants, both in reconstruction of existing building and the construction of completely new facilities.


Well-established Expertise in Systems Engineering

In the area of construction and systems engineering we have completed several projects for notable regional companies. To this day, these customers trust the expertise of the enco specialists and the reciprocally grown base for the professional execution of projects.

Our list of references shows the continuous development of the implementation of projects. Starting locally, we have expanded our range of project realization to Germany and Europe, which is partly due to the production locations of our customers.