Services - Process Efficiency is Projectable

We provide an extensive service-portfolio of project-realizations within the energy sector and process engineering. You may rely on the long-time experience and expertise of our staff.


Optimized Process Planning for Power Plants

We offer sustainable solutions for energy transition (exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy) in those industries and cities that obtain electricity and use natural gas-heating. As necessary, we will develop a complete solution or conduct detailed planning in all special fields of your plant as well as individual performances in all project phases, from assessing the scope of work to commissioning. Even after the startup, we offer versatile assistance in matters such as further optimization of the technical equipment or supervising revisions and maintenances.


Solutions for Increased Energy Efficiency

Our decentralized project objects aim at relieving existing distribution networks and are partly financed by savings arising from the EEG (German renewable energy law) surcharge, electricity network fees, and electricity tax. Our planning does not end with energy production but may go as far as the production’s process engineering.

enco has been planning highly modern power plants for energy providers and industrial enterprises since 1988. One focus lies on the realization of energy transition: we develop solutions that take effect even when power sources such as sunlight and wind are not available. Examples are gas and steam cogeneration plants that may be operated in a flexible manner as well as energy storage solutions.