Profile – Focusing on Energy Transition

We go about energy transition in an active manner by doing our very best to plan and coordinate projects of progressive power plants. Our goal: a high degree of effectiveness and energy efficiency.


Registered OFfice:   Braunschweig
Legal Form:   GmbH (limited liability / close corporation)
Status:   Independently Consulting Engineering Office
Founding Year:   1988
Size 2015:   36 employees, 3 freelancers, interns, apprentices, student trainees

Our Team for Ambitious Energy Concepts

enco Energie- und Verfahrens-Consult GmbH, as an independently consulting engineering office specializing in power plant engineering, has been established in the market since 1988. We handle ambitious projects in Germany and Europe and provide modern solutions for a market realigned in the course of energy transition.


We Plan Optimally Balanced Power Plant Processes

Just like the architect does when building a house, enco, as an independent planning office, provides all-round service in the course of the construction of a power plant. This begins with clarification of the task and ends with the initial operation of the plant. Our commitment continues in a manifold manner after the startup: we are, for instance, able to further optimize the technical equipment or supervise revisions and maintenance. Proudly, we can look back on more than 1.700 projects we have realized in all fields of service – from planning the construction of an entire gas-and-steam-cogeneration plant to creating plant-specific escape and rescue plans as well as documentation.

In Close Proximity to Research and Innovation

We have established a strong network of long-term connections to all notable service providers and plant manufacturers in our field of work. During implementation of specialized enterprises while working on a project, we are able to revert to our partners’ expert knowledge as well as their specialists. We are also in close contact with renowned university institutes and research facilities which grants us access to newest academic developments.