enco gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in current issues related to power plants while writing their thesis or dissertation. Thus, we offer the chance to combine academic theoretical work with actual practice and also provide guidance by our specialists who are experts on the respective topics.


As an overview, these are the titles of the theses written within our office in the last few years:

  • Requirements of a Heat-Recovery Steam Generator During Frequent Starts, Fast Load Alterations of a CHP-Plant as well as Feed Water Chemistry (2015)
  • Optimizing Operations of a District-Heating Storage Facility of Stadtwerke Flensburg (2015)
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Presentation and Evaluation of Different Technologies Used for Deposition, Transport, and Storage/Utilization of Carbon Dioxide (2015)
  • Performance Control of Feed Water Pumps - Hydrodnamic Variable-Speed Couplings and Frequency Converters (2013)
  • Optimization of the Operation Mode of a Gas-and-Steam-Cogeneration Plant with an Adequate Optimization Algorithm (2013)
  • Transformation of a Heat Store with the Program ENBIPRO (2012)
  • Dynamic simulation of a Gas-and-Steam-Cogeneration Plant (2011)
  • Energy from Biomass – Efficiency Comparison Relating to the Region Braunschweig (2011)
  • Energetic and Economical Assessment of Innovative Technologies of Biomass-Utilization (2010)
  • Conception of Thermic Storage for the Integration of the Planned Gas-and-Steam-Cogeneration Plant Braunschweig Mitte into the District Heating Network (2009)