Scope of Services

Put your project into expert hands: we will take over the entire project management for high-capacity and sustainable power-plant-concepts.


A Higher Degree of Efficiency for Gas-and-Steam-Plants

As a representative of the building owner, enco Energie- und Verfahrens-Consult GmbH drafts, plans, and realizes modern and efficient CHP-plants, especially gas-and-steam-cogeneration plants with a high degree of combustion efficiency and many starts. Our CHP-plants represent solutions with reference value. Modern gas-and-steam-cogeneration plants serve as the basis for a stable energy transition. In combination with heat stores, they offer an ideal coupling of plants based on renewable energies and plants based on conventional fuel supply.


Optimizing Complex Industrial Processes

enco will plan power and industrial plants for you. Also, we can assist and guide you in matters of structural, process, or utility engineering as well as the related issues of environment protection and permissions. Due to this ambitious range of services we have managed to establish ourselves in the market since 1988 and are proud to have notable clients trusting in our experience. With our permanent staff of highly qualified specialists, we at enco Energie- und Verfahrens-Consult GmbH have the potential to put complex tasks of the technical fields listed on the left into practice, from detailed to general planning.


Extensive Documentation for Realization and Operation

enco-employees are highly qualified specialists who, as a team, are able to provide all necessary profound knowledge in all fields of project realization. Our EDP systems meet modern standards and allow for effective communication not only in-house but especially during the customer-oriented, even global, coordination of the respective project courses.

Well trained experts and up-to-date software are also at our disposal in the field of CAD. Thereby, we can ensure descriptive and simulative monitoring as well as preparation and post-processing of the project, including the respective hardware configuration. Additionally, we at enco are able to provide a self-developed information-management system (OBTEDO), which enables us to offer our clients cost-effective and mobile applications in the areas of planning, documentation, administration, management and maintenance, always based on long-term experience with large-scale projects.